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The End of the Twenteenth Century [2006-04-30]
there is unlikely to be any news any time soon.

All the members of Twenteenth Century are now doing other things - the group is no longer making work together as such, although many of them are still working together at the boxing club.

UPDATE: since this site is no longer compatible with the server it's hosted on, you'll have to browse on the internet archive.

The function of the group: a publicity machine and vehicle for individual practice, peer review and learning has been achieved, so it's unlikely that this site will be updated except as a repository for the work of individuals from the group who don't yet have their own websites.

If you have any questions about the Twenteenth Century - the work they did together and the future of the individuals in the group, please ask Saul Albert who is the archivist: saul (blat)

Please do enjoy trawling the site though - there are still some magnificently silly projects here and the lists of projects of some of the Twenteenth Century members continues to grow with brilliant projects, artworks and exhibitions.

enjoy! Over & out.


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